Say Goodbye To Split Ends!

We are all too familiar with split ends…. so lets get down to what causes them, how to get rid of them and the best prevention.

We always promote healthy shiny hair and want you to keep your hair looking fabulous, even when your home.

What Causes Split Ends?

Dry brittle hair is a sure sin that your hair is over processed and lacking vital moisture and nourishment. Some of the daily culprits damaging your hair….

hot styling tools used on the regular ( blow dryers on high heat, curling irons, flat irons….)
Harsh chemical treatments .. (relaxers, Brazilian Treatments, perms, and BLEACH!)
Brushing wet hair (always use a comb or a “wet” brush to detangle wet hair)
Rough towel drying
Not receiving regular hair cuts or trims
Getting rid of split ends….

Unfortunately there is no cure for split ends other then cutting them off. If you don’t trim your split ends they will continue to break and split higher and higher. Although it may be difficult to part with length you want your hair frizz free, thick and manageable… the first step is cut them off. But not to worry we will tell you how to prevent future split ends!

Preventing split ends!

Always keep your hair moisturized and nourished that is the main thing in keeping you hair strong and healthy

Keep your hair nourished and shiny with deep conditioning masks, regular glazes and eating lots of healthy fats (avocado, olive oil) and lots of water
Using a heat protectant styling product prior to using hot tools will help prevent heat damage
Towel dry your hair gently – do not harshly twist and wring it
Detangle your hair gently use a comb starting with your ends.
Try a collagen infusing treatment to add elasticity and strength into your hair
REGULAR TRIMS! – this will keep your hair looking full strong and healthy
We treat your hair with love and care when you enter the salon, it is important you do the same at home. Keep your strands looking great by following these simple tips for preventing split ends. With any questions please contact our hair experts at Tomy B. Salon in Old Westbury Long Island. (516) 621-4100

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